Homage to Greece, Art Exhibition Link, Artists Studio Rome, 29-30 March 2019

“We are all Greeks. Our laws, our literature, our religion, our arts have their root in Greece” (Percy Bysshe Shelley)

Mulino - Oil and wax on paper 70 x 50Acropoli - Oil and wax on MDF 70 x70Carnaio - Oil and wax on paper 50 x 70Egeo con case - Oil and wax on paper 50 x 70Intervento Ivo Bomba Mito Grecia 29 marzo 2019Prof Chrystos Bintoudis parla ai presenti

Series “Boats and Wrecks” 2018

presented by Art Exhibition Link on the occasion of the Rome Art Week 2018 dedicated to contemporary art, 22-27 october 2018

“…We listen to the sound of the sea which tires the banks, which gurgles and moans from both sides of the ocean. Maybe the sea is the element that approaches them in our minds. There are different ways of looking at what is left when the function ceases when the task has run out. When things stop being objects and begins a swarm of clandestine life. They play well with ferns, moss, rust and still want to tell us something. In that space delimited we will survive, telling those who will go to see, to those who will listen. It should take care of it, if only for what they could tell us.”

Chryssis Vici lavora con oil and wax su cartawrecks Battello 3 (oil and wax, 50cm x 70 cm) Petroliere (oil and wax, 25cm x 25cm) Relitto 1 (oil and wax, 20cm x 20cm) Relitto 9 (oil and wax , 50cm x70 cm) Relitto 10 (oil and wax, 50cm x70 cm)Relitto 2 (oil and wax, 50cm x 35cm) Relitto 3 (oil and wax, 40cm x 50cm) Relitto 6 (oil and wax, 50cm x 70cm) Relitto 7 (oil and wax, 50cm x 70cm) Relitto 8 (oil and wax, 70cm x 50cm)

Berlino, Gallery UNO, Art Exhibition Link “Landscape Homage to Painting”, 17 December 2017

Exhibition of painters coming from four different continents, initially brought together by Laura Grosso on the Facebook page “Pittori Uniti per la Pittura”.

Chryssis Vici autoritratto, Chryssis Vici self-portrait (oil and wax on paper, 23cm x 15cm) Omaggio ad Afro / After Afro (oil and wax on paper, 25cm x 20cm) Omaggio a Morandi, After Afro (oil and wax on paper, 25cm x 20cm) Amorgos (oil and wax on paper, 25cm x 20cm) Paesaggio romano (oil and wax on paper, 15cm x 25cm)

Rome Art Week 2016 – RAW

Within the Rome Art Week 2016 (RAW), Chryssis Vici organizes an Open Studio in his atelier to explain his new technique Oil and Wax and shows his new works that are exhibited in his atelier.

Chryssis Vici nello studio a MDLFossil 3 (oil and wax on paper, 36cm x 51 cm)Fossil 7 (oil and wax on paper, 50cm x 70cm)Chateaubriand (oil and wax on paper, 35cm x 50cm)Notturno (oil and wax on paper, 16cm x 9cm) Rocce Rosse (oil and wax on paper, 18cm x 30 cm)

Biennale d’Arte di Viterbo, Palazzo dei Papi (5 May – 5 June 2016), istituita da APAI ARTE (Associazione per la promozione delle Arti in Italia)

On the occasion of the 400th year of the death of William Shakespeare, Chryssis Vici shows the work “The Tempest” (oil and wax) inspired by the play of the great english writer.

La Tempesta (olio e cera, 35cm x 50cm)

The Ballinglen Arts Foundation, Ballycastle, (27 October-1st November 2014)

Participation to a workshop of Oil & Wax with the artist Rebecca Crowell at the Ballinglen Arts Foundation, Ballycastle, Ireland to practice and implement this new technique that will be the most striking feature of my recent abstract works.


The European Plein Air Symposium, Beit Jala, Palestine, (3-21 May 2014)

Chryssis Vici is invited to work en plein air in the little town of Beit Jala (Palestine) where together with other international artists, he paints the colors and the problems of this land, an experience where Exchange, Landscape and Encounter are the focal points of this project. Following their exhibition, a work has been donated to this municipality.

Palestina 1 (tecnica mista su MDF, 80cm x 90cm)Palestina 2 (tecnica mista su MDF 75cm x 110cm)

Berliner Liste (19-22 Sept. 2013)



Chryssis Vici’s abstract works were selected for the” Berliner Liste Contemporary Art Fair” held in Berlin from 19 – 22 September 2013 during the Berlin Art Week. Some works, like Etna and Luxor, were appreciated and exhibited at Gallery Uno Berlin.


Gallery UNO (20 Sept. 2013 – Mar. 2014)


From 20th September 2013 Gallery UNO Berlin for the first time presents large scale abstract paintings from Italian artist Chryssis Vici.


Pedro Cano’s Foundation (May 2012, Blanca – Murcia)


On May 2012 Maestro Pedro Cano hold the “Taller Internacional de Pintura al Agua” in Blanca (Murcia) and Chryssis Vici with a group of artists worked together under the guidance of the great artist born in Murcia.


Venezia Fondazione Bevilacqua (20-30 Nov. 2011)

Following in the footsteps of Marco Polo: Italian Artists painting Hangzhou. Seguendo il cammino di Marco Polo: artisti italiani dipingono Hangzhou.


Hangzhou negli occhi degli artisti italiani (June 2011)


Tracing the footprint of Marco Polo

china-project-1-smallchina-project-2-smallLa città vista dal lago (Tecnica mista, 60 x 110cm)china-project-3-smallchina-project-4-smallPAGODA (Olio, 40 x 30cm)china-project-5-smallchina-project-6-smallPonte sul fiume 2 (Olio, 50 x 70cm)fotoch-300

Museo Civico di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea

La Pittura del Nudo ad Anticoli Corrado (Sept. 20th – Oct. 9th 2008) – 12 Artisti

Chryssis Vici presents his nude watercolors at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Anticoli Corrado, traditionally known as the “town of the models” for the local women who posed for artists from around the world. Two of his works were donated to the Museum and are now part of its permanent collection.