About my work

“Boats and Relics”

This is a series of works created with oil and paint to which beeswax was added. In other words, instead of being diluted with oil, the color was blended with a mixture made of wax and a thinner to keep it soft and malleable.

As for the main subject addressed in the work “Relics”, it was inspired by a period of time which I spent visiting shipyards and during which I first came face-to-face with these old queens of the sea, now fallen into disuse.

I was fascinated by their deteriorated appearance … their peeling paint… their crumbling decor… the rust… All things that tell of great voyages, adventures, intrepid lives.

Things that now remain only in the dreams of these old abandoned vessels.

Chryssis Vici (2018)

My work

Usually the work is realized on rigid support like MDF, plywood or something with the same characteristics. This is due to the fact that a rigid support gives a better chance for using rollers, spatulas or other similar tools that make easier covering big surfaces.

Colours are usually acrylics, but also pigments and Rembrandt pastels are used. Sometimes charcoal is very usefull to create a vibrant dark with a velvet consistency. In this case I finish with an acrylic matt varnish.

The idea that inspires my work has generally an emotional motivation. I feel I want to communicate the underlying tension and excitement due to observation of peculiar places, happenings, objects etc. There is nothing better than travelling that contributes to build up such an unusual data bank, that is why often titles of my works are country names. Of course not only geographical places are the subject of inspiration; also poetry, music, colours etc have their space.

When the work starts, I have only a pale idea about the final result. Often it is while work is in progress that solutions become available. The roller runs, spatula distributes and scrapes colours, pastel emphasizes subjects and slowly something starts to happen, to emerge. This is the moment that ability is requested, the thing needs help to materialize itself.

As well as the famous modern designer Bruno Munari said “it’s a terrible serious game”.

Chryssis Vici (2013)